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About Tanache Jewels
Tanache Jewels, an exquisite online jewellery store launching in Dubai, with diamonds from all around the world. We give you the finest stones and jewelry that are handmade for beautiful people like you, engraved with our trust and love. Due to our passion for art and miracles, we combined both and formed “Tanache”, which brings a fresh perspective through dedicated craftsmanship and creativity that goes unmatched.
We provide a range of diamonds at competitive prices. Following the best trade practices, we aim at meeting every global standard and give maximum consumer satisfaction. The prime focus is on staying true to our words and give our best to the customers, with best prices, quality, service and satisfaction. Meeting international quality and consumer satisfaction is our sole motto. We realize that the best way to guarantee this is to ensure best human resources with highly skilled and experienced professionals who provide a rich culture of tradition and technique.
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