We go Vegetarian at Kona grill

June 11th, 2018

And come back deliciously satiated!!!

The Al Seef development, located near the iconic Dubai Creek, is making its mark on Dubai’s heritage district. Beautiful traditions combine with modern designs at this new destination, showcasing an inspiring partnership the proud past of this bustling city and its bright future.

The best way to take it all in is to explore its charming walkways, fully-operational marina, dining boulevard and events plaza on foot.

On one of my Sojourns I came upon a gem located in a prime location along the boulevard. Kona Grill, the name proclaimed that it was a predominantly non-vegetarian restaurant known the world over for its contemporary American dining, award-winning sushi, and handcrafted cocktails – all made using fresh ingredients. Nevertheless, the welcoming ambience beckoned me, and I decided to look at the menu for vegetarian options since I was one and lo and behold! I was pleasantly surprised and decided to give it a try and I certainly was not disappointed! The menu had a wide choice of Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-free items, catering to the un-stoppable rise of Vegetarianism and Veganism!

We decide to opt for the Vegetarian choices and begin with the soup/starters and were spoilt for choice with delectable options like the angry edamame, avocado egg rolls, crispy tempura vegetables, cherry tomato salad and a tomato basil bisque. The angry Edamame had us curious, so we decided to find out the taste behind the angry and boy, we were so glad we did. The sauce was mind-blowing and left that zingy taste in the mouth way after we devoured it all! The cherry tomato salad was a medley of cherry tomatoes in tofu and olive oil served with crostini on the side; tangy, fresh, delicious and irresistible!

We decided to give the Sushi options of a vegetarian poke and the grilled asparagus a miss and went in for the entrees. We had interesting options like the butternut squash and peas spaghetti, veggie burger, tacos three ways and a vegetarian flatbread. We opted for the vegetarian flatbread an amazing and vibrant preparation of warm flat bread with grilled seasonal vegetables, mozzarella, pizza sauce, parmesan, and arugula – perfect for vegetarians and perfect for those meatless days if you are not a vegetarian! The Spaghetti with veggies was well done and served with warm toasted garlic bread, a filling meal if you are really very hungry.

There was a delectable offer of sides with the entrees and included fries, sweet potato fries and mashed potatoes, the regular American fare. The sweet potato fries are for the health food buffs.

As usual, the best was saved for the last. The finishers included butter cake, carrot cake, pineapple upside down cake, fudge brownie and a key lime pie. Being chocolate lovers, we go for the fudge brownie, a huge portion with vanilla ice-cream on the top! Moist, rich and oh so tasty!

Our Verdict: Don’t give Kona grill a miss even if you are a Vegetarian or Vegan, Kona Grill wants to make it fun and easy to eat like a vegan or vegetarian. The menu is diverse and there is something for everyone. Behind each dish is a story that starts long before it reaches your table. It all begins with people who love food and those who go the extra mile to make each dish right.

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