Tuck into Tandoori

March 1st, 2018

Dig into the delicious seekh kebabs, chicken tikkas, naan, butter chicken, daal and more at Tandoor Palace, Al Nahda..


The term ‘tandoori’ rekindles many mouthwatering memories. Having grown up in a colony back in Delhi, it was common to share the communal tandoor (a clay oven lighted by charcoal) where every afternoon hot tandoori chapattis would be baked by women in the neighbourhood. The moment a dish gets tandoori as its prefix, expectations soar. Tandoori is a method of cooking used in many parts of south Asia. Apart from baking the bread, marinated meats or vegetables too are prepared in a tandoor.


You could easily say I was drawn into trying out their food the moment I heard the name – Tandoori Palace. This one is located across the NMC Hospital in the Al Nahda, Dubai area and aptly so since a large chunk of Indian and Pakistani expats reside in this area. The restaurant is family friendly and has a separate hall for families.

Enter and you find yourself amidst spacious interiors that are a blend of contemporary and traditional Indian, though the interiors could have been brighter. The utensils in copper, stone, earthen pots and milk cans add an old world feel. One can peek into the kitchen while chefs are baking the breads in the tandoor. There, it scored some bonus points! Another talking point is their crockery - nothing fancy but rustic and sparks nostalgia immediately and hey, its eco-friendly too! I prefer earthy over fancy, any day. They use earthen pots to not only cook some of the dishes (in the tandoor), earthen dishes and cute cups adorn the tables too. An immediate conversation starter and any way, when was the last time you drank or ate out of clayware?

The food is a winner as well. The menu is extensive enough to leave you perplexed with the variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian yummy dishes on offer exploring the grand north Indian cuisine.

The non-veg Mix Grill is a bouquet of starters such as Chicken Tikka, seekh kebab, fish tikka, tandoori mushroom, fruits and malai chicken tikka – all very succulent and full of flavor though the chicken tikka seemed overcooked but tasted just fine. The live grill makes a hero-like entry onto your table – with clouds of smoke flowing out of the live charcoal grill accompanied by the happy sound of sizzle.

Chicken lababdar was creamy with gravy just the right consistency though the daal didn’t pack a punch. These we paired with soft bites of naans and steamed rice.

Pretty satiated with our meal but we couldn’t leave without tasting the dessert. We were served two contrasting choices one a warm bowl of gajar ka halwa and the other a chilled rasmalai – both were just the right level sweetness but rasmalai made the cut for me.

Big on taste and portions and easy on the pocket, is how I would sum up this casual dining eatery.

By: Richa Vij

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