Toy laptop for your mini-me!

October 1st, 2017

While most battery-operated flashy toys are annoying, this Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Laptop is an exception. Perfect for children up to 3 years, this toy laptop has got learning content that changes as the baby grows...

The purpose of a toy especially in the early years is to spark imagination, creativity, fuel learning and not to forget to keep them busy. Often, parents stay away from choosing noisy battery-operated toys for all the right reasons. It makes all the sense to skip the ones that do not even require kids to use their basic skills and just dance, play, bounce or perform on their own. These performing toys steal the sense of wonder and hardly offer any chance to explore to children.

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Laptop is a battery operated toy that plays songs, rhymes in the softest voice and volume that’s pleasant to the ears. It’s a smart stages toy laptop that comes with 3 Levels. By one slide, parents can adjust the levels as the baby grows and thus this toy still holds the child’s attention as it performs different levels of play based learning.

Level 1 is the Explore stage that plays the first words and sounds to spark baby’s curiosity. Level 2, the Encourage stage prompts baby through questions and simple directions and Level 3 is the favourite stage of any child – Pretend that makes the laptop handy for indulging in some role play. Your mini-me can pretend to work on his/her own computer just like mummy/daddy.

It has over 30 sing-along songs, tunes and phrases. The 9 keys or the toggle bar teach letters, numbers and colours. Its animated screen lights up when the keys are pressed, it’s compact and has an easy to carry handle for your mini-me to take it to the playground, nursery or the mall to entertain while you shop.

Available at the Dubai Mall at (Toy Store & Hamleys), and Mall Of The Emirates (Toy Store) and Dubai Festival City Mall (Early Learning Center and Toys 'R' Us).

By: Richa Vij

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