The Magic of La Perle

July 1st, 2018

Dubai’s first permanent theatre performance, La Perle, is as spectacular as it is fascinating. Franco Dragone creates a new world in Dubai’s first-ever purpose-built theatre at Al Habtoor City with evocative imagery that is enthralling and touching at times!

As you enter the state-of-the-art theatre it stuns you with its beautiful façade and lavishly styled spacious interiors designed to seat 1,300 guests. The seats are spacious and extend just 14 rows back, to keep every guest as close to the action as possible. The horse shoe shape of seating allows for a clear view of the stage in the centre.

As the show begins, your senses are enthused with the effective surround sound, a high-definition screen that spans the height of the theatre, huge projections, lasers, and gallons of water! All this coupled with incredible acrobatics, and daring performances makes it a display to behold.

There’s an element of fairy tale fantasy, with the focal character, a young lady in a white dress, tentatively experiencing the swiftly evolving world around her; the earth as it was, a catastrophic destruction because of the evil overpowering the good, followed by the evolution of the modern metropolis and the faceless people in it and space and beyond. Her journey and quest for love and eventually finding it has a magical charm and we almost start hoping that she gets united with her knight in shining armour at the end! La Perle is a tale of good and evil, where hope conquests over adversity after peril and hopelessness. The Clown's rebellious activities and mischief create the fantasy of a different world: a world of comic retaliation!

We go through a gamut of emotions while watching the show from wonder to amazement to anticipation, amusement, and excitement; it transports us to a world of fantasy with flowers and waterfalls, beauty and love and the good overpowering the evil. We almost believe in the power of love prevailing over all in the end!

Millions of litres of water are used for each performance, with cascading waterfalls from the ceiling and sides of the theatre. The arena floor fills up and empties in various scenes, and a central pool gives the appearance of a swirling galaxy at times. The surrounding floor is filled or drained with water within seconds. We have performers diving into the water from a height of 25 metres, and the next moment we have them flying across the stage. Suddenly in the middle of the show you have a platform coming down from the wall next to you with breath-taking acrobatics by international performers.

This is a brilliant act of breath-taking visuals, heart-stopping acrobatic performances, dare devil acts with motor cycles and trapeze artists, intangible concepts, and an immersive use of water. The performers are all bound together by choreographic teamwork and accurate harmonisation.

What an extraordinary way to spend an hour and a half. Don’t miss it.

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