The Ice-cold Brazilian Hacial

May 5th, 2018

Haircare is sacred in Brazil. An authority on how to keep hair looking attractive, Brazil is known for its plethora of naturally derived hair care regimes and potions, from its products like Brazil Nut Oil, Cupuaçu butter and more for great looking hair! We check out the Hairtoxx ice cold treatment from Brazilian Secrets Hair for luscious looking healthy locks.

Frozen Flat Iron

Frozen Machine

Driverless cars and flying taxis and now frozen hair! Sounds interesting isn’t it? We all know that when it comes to our tresses, we are all concerned and can go to a great length to maintain its great looks. The future of hair care as I discovered recently, is now in the form of a frozen flat iron that looks like your regular hair straightener but uses the power of sub-zero temperatures to restore moisture to your hair and make it shiny and glossy. Literally cool, isn’t it?

Home Care Kit 140ml 3 applications

Home Care Vitality Masque

Remember how we are asked to blast our hair with cold air once we are done drying, and how people always recommend rinsing hair in cold water after you wash it with hot water in the shower? This is because cold temperatures can seal the cuticles and help your hair retain moisture.

This COOL treatment does just that and helps protect and repair damaged hair rendering them shiny, soft, and manageable. The secret to its success is an innovative concentrate of active ingredients that create a revolutionary complex, which penetrates the inner part of the hair, rather than just coating the outer part of the hair strands. The cool or freeze treatment freezes out damaged hair and helps moisturise, nourish, repair, and revive hair, adding incredible shine and softness.

Home Care Vitality Masque Shampoo

Home Care Vitality Line

The treatment starts off with a wash using the Gentle clarifier shampoo for deep cleansing and pre- treatment, preparing hair for the hairtoxx while getting rid of residue without damaging hair. After towel drying the hair, the revitalising serum mixed with the protective mask is applied to each section of the hair meticulously making sure it coats the hair well. The serum hydrates hair and revives it, acting directly on the cortex to provide the rejuvenation and protection that prevent hair from becoming dull and lifeless. The mask seams the cuticles of the hair fibres, helping texture, smoothness, and pliability, leaving hair radiant and soft.


Professional Kit 1120ml

After this comes the magical part; the removable thermal boards at the edges of the flat iron that were kept in the freezer are then placed back onto the iron and the ice-cold treatment begins by passing the frozen flat iron three times over each section of hair. It is recommended that we use this system while the hair is still damp after washing. But somehow my hair kept sticking to the plates, but I guess I should let the plates cool a bit after removing them and it would be good to go. You get a plastic body with the ice plates sliding in and out easily. You take them out and leave them in the freezer for at least two hours. The hair is then rinsed with cold water and blow dried for that perfect finish. Voila, you have beautiful shining tresses and it was quite easy isn’t it?


Revitalizing Serum

This treatment is suitable for absolutely any hair type and the results last for over two months, allowing you to highlight silky, smooth tresses that will be the envy of all!

Our verdict: Smoother and shinier hair and the best part is the hair does not look awful and frizzy at the ends when not blow-dried after a wash!

HairToxx Frozen Flat Iron Treatment is available for purchase from Nazih Cosmetics showrooms across GCC. For more information, visit the website: or keep up to date with Nazih Cosmetics on Instagram (@NazihCosmetics), Facebook (@Nazih Cosmetics) and Twitter (@NazihCosmetics).

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