Season 23 of Global Village launches under the theme “Explore, Experience, Enjoy. This Way!”

October 29th, 2018

Global Village returns this season with 27 new pavilions representing 78 countries with stunning exteriors reflecting the world's most beautiful landmarks whilst bringing global cultures to guests. The lively atmosphere is enhanced by music, markets, street food and local handicrafts as well as vendors dressed in authentic costumes.

Kids and young guests will find plenty of new, fun-filled attractions and activities on offer this season, with a dedicated interactive theater, hosting a variety of events and workshops for children, as well as the Globo Store offering variety of gifts and souvenirs that are kids’ favorites.
Global Village’s popular funfair, Carnaval, is back and better than ever with six new rides, 100 video games and an enlarged gaming area that includes many new interactive games. Over thirty-one rides for children and families and more than 30 games of skill are on offer that will ensure a fun-filled evening for all the family. This year, “Wheel of the World” has been redesigned and now features an enormous, 50-meter LED screen covering the 58-meter frame to showcase a multitude of stunning displays including live scenes, shows and views of Dubai.

New bridges have been built over the lakes that make it easier for people of determination to cross, and they also bear distinctive designs that reflect the most famous bridges from around the world. The stunning lake has dancing fountains with shows that display fire and water together and has the largest underwater screen to be featured at Global Village.

The Superloop Stunt Show, produced by the expert team at Global Village, is one of the most sought-after highlights of the season. The Superloop is the first full-scale vehicle stunt show featuring breath-taking performances by more than 30 professional stunt men and women. The team is led by world-renowned expert Terry Grant, who holds more than 25 records in the Guinness Book of Records. They are supported by a group of technicians and safety officials who utilize world class technology to enhance the special effects created for audiences who will be awed by dare-devils on motorbikes and in high performance vehicles.

Now with the largest Emirates pavilion in the history of Global Village

Introducing the first multi-cultural floating market in the world

Eight new bridges that replicate the world’s most famous architectural icons

All new interactive theater for children

More than 100 interactive video games and more than 30 rides for children and families

· A fiery musical fountain for the first time in the UAE

The Wheel of the World returns with a record-breaking screen

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