April 1st, 2018

Simple exercises to get fit this summer.

This season, spice up your workout routine with some high energy exercises. Whether you’re holed up at home or enjoying the great outdoors, these simple no-equipment exercises can be done anytime, anywhere. Focusing on the large muscle groups, these exercises help you burn more calories, shed extra weight and get the fit and fabulous body you’ve always wanted.

Please note: Before undertaking any kind of exercise regimen, it is important to assess one’s fitness level and plan accordingly. Consulting an expert is always advisable.

Warming Up & Cooling Down

Start your workout with a 5-10 minute warm-up session that includes walking briskly or jogging. Once you have completed the main component of your exercise, it is just as important to cool down. Walking or jogging for 5-10 minutes helps bring breathing under control. Stretching the muscles reduces the delayed onset of muscular soreness, aids recovery and assists the body in its repair process. Deep breathing helps oxygenate the system.

10 Exercises for a Full-Body Summer Workout

Squat jump: Stand with your feet apart. Squat down keeping the knees behind the toes. Keep the back straight and chest up. Push off your feet and leap as high as you can with arms reaching upwards. Land softly with knees slightly bent. Repeat sequence for one minute.

Mountain climber: Start in a push-up position with your arms straight and hands directly under the shoulders. Bend your right knee and bring it up to the chest. Extend the right leg and bring the left knee forward. Continue alternating for one minute.

Shadowbox: Stand with your feet apart. Fold the hands into fists and bend the elbows to bring hands up into fighter position, keeping elbows close to body. Alternating arms, punch straight out in front of you, then curve up, then hit low; next, try a hook punch, curving around to the side. Repeat for one minute.

Toe-touch kick: Stand with your feet apart and hands reaching overhead, intertwine the fingers. Do a high forward kick with your right leg, bringing your hands down to meet your toes. Repeat with the left leg. Continue alternating for one minute.

Push-ups: Start on the ground with feet together and arms slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Support yourself on your toes and hands, pressing the palms down. Bend the elbows to lower the chest towards the ground. Stop at 90° and push back up to starting position. Do 12 reps.

Squats: Stand with feet apart, toes facing forward, and hands gently cupping the sides of your head. Slowly bend the knees and push the hips back. Push your chest out slightly to counterbalance the weight on your heels. When the knees reach 90° - keep them behind your toes - push back up to return to starting position. Do 12 reps.

V sit-ups: Lie on your back with arms extended overhead, feet flexed, and heels resting on a wall (or calves on
a bench). Tuck your chin towards your chest and bring your arms forward as you begin to curl up. Try to touch your toes. Slowly uncurl to return to starting position. Do 12 reps.

Tricep dips: Sit on the edge of a bench or chair with your legs extended. Move your butt forward and off the bench, allowing your knees to bend slightly. Bend your elbows to lower your butt towards the ground. Straighten them to come back up.Do 12 reps.

Cobra hold: Lie face down on the ground with legs extended, arms by your sides, and palms facing up. Keep your gaze forward and lower body, slowly raise your chest and shoulders; rotate your thumbs up to bring your shoulder blades closer together. Hold for 60 seconds or as long as you can.

Plank hold: Lie face down with legs extended and elbows bent and directly under shoulders; clasp your hands. Feet should be hip-width apart, and elbows should be shoulder-width apart. Contract your abs, then tuck your toes to lift your body (forearms remain on the ground); you should be in a straight line from head to heels. Hold for 60 seconds or as long as you can.

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