More than a glow, less than a glitter!

March 10th, 2019

Magnetic Nude Glimmers from Nudestix give you The Ultimate Reflective Finish Boosting Your Look To A Whole New Level

What it is:
More than a glow, less than a glitter. MAGNETIC NUDE GLIMMERS are a multi-tasking, luminous skin brightener and highlighter for eyes, cheeks, and lips. This glimmering metallic gel melts onto skin for a lightweight, a skin-like nude glow that layers to a max strobe hi-lighter for eye brightening, face hi-lighting and lip foiling. Sets for all day waterproof wear. Available in three radiant shades that work with natural skin tones.

What it does:
Made in Italy, this luxe formula provides the perfect shimmery sheen for all-over highlighting from a skin-loving candlelit glow to a high voltage foil that is never oily. Wear as a foiled topper over face, eye, and lip makeup or on its own to highlight, brighten and glow on the face, collar bone, and décolleté?.

How to use:

  • To Multi-task - Apply MAGNETIC NUDE GLIMMERS as a highlighter on eyes, cheeks, and lips
  • For a Subtle Sheen - Apply a small dot of MAGNETIC NUDE GLIMMERS and blend immediately.
  • For a Maximum Strobe - Build layers for ultimate foil on eyes and lips
  • For a Lit-From Within Look - Mix a small amount of MAGNETIC NUDE GLIMMER with your moisturizer or foundation.

Note: As in all NUDESTIX MAGNETIC products, MAGNETIC NUDE GLIMMERS allow for 20 seconds blending time then set for all-day waterproof wear.

Shades: MAGNETIC NUDE GLIMMERS Available in 3 radiant shades:

Nudestix Magnetic Nude Glimmers 24K Goddess
AED 130

Nudestix Magnetic Nude Glimmers 99% Angel
AED 130

Nudestix Magnetic Nude Glimmers_Bronzi Babe
AED 130

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