Mitra – an ode to Food and Friendship

March 10th, 2018

MITRA, which means ‘friend’ in Sanskrit is Dubai’s first ‘floating’ licensed Indian restaurant, located at the prime Al Seef, waterfront Heritage zone, and overlooking the beautiful waters of the Dubai creek, covering 6,000 Sq. ft. over 2 levels offering a nostalgic indoor and outdoor casual dining experience.

According to Shivam Goyal and Shipra Khurana, MITRA co-founders, ‘MITRA endeavours to bring friends together to not only enjoy an unsurpassable and stimulating culinary experience but to also revel in each other’s company’. MITRA’s cleverly designed menu offers discerning diners authentic servings of food that is freshly prepared using the finest ingredients with little or no artificial colouring and minimal oil, making each meal a pleasurable and healthy experience.

Keeping in mind the ‘floating’ bit we opt for a corner table looking out at the creek with boats and dhows sailing past and a panoramic view of the beautiful skyline, giving an effect of us sitting on the deck of a ship. Some candlelight would have been preferable to help us read the menu instead of using the torch light from our mobile phones. The firefly lights in the bottle, although beautiful to look at were not sufficient to enable us to read.

Bubbly Bubble

Kolmi Pasht

Tandoori Momos

We opt for a Vegetarian choice and begin with the Tandoori Momos, ‘born in Dharamsala and smoked in Delhi’ as they say in the menu. Soft, juicy, and filling they were the perfect start to our meal and served in an interesting manner in a covered glass dome to allow for smoking. The Challi Kolmi Pasht had us curious and we were certainly not disappointed. It was a delightful cheesy version of tangdi served on a bread stick with oodles of cheese and corn! The chutneys to go with these dishes were flavourful and added that right bit of zing to the dishes although the containers were too small for a spoon to get in so had to tip the little pots to extract the chutney!

Chicken Kulfi

For the meat lovers, MITRA’s menu includes dishes such as the ‘Chicken Kulfi’ which is an inspiration from the traditional Indian frozen dessert, this is a salted and hot version contrasting its cold and sweet counterpart. The chicken is carefully minced with warm whole spices, massaged with freshly ground herbs and then steamed in moulds to give that perfect texture and flavour.

Dal Bombshell Makhani


When it comes to innovation ’Dal’ (Lentils) is the last thing one thinks about, they said adding that their Dal would be the most inventive thig we say, so we try their ‘Dal Bombshell Makhani’ which was dal in a shell served in a bowl. The shells were broken to reveal oozing creamy black lentils crusted with whole wheat and seasonings. Delectable!! The rotis to go were soft and fluffy and a perfect accompaniment to the dal.


The restaurant boasts of an interior and ambience that depicts a classy layout with quirky elements including a huge chandelier tree with birds hanging from the ceiling reminiscent of the olden times and area seeks to offer a distinctive experience to the diners.


If the dishes themselves aren’t enough of a reason for you to go here, the service is. The food was ready quite fast, and our server talked us through everything we were trying, explaining us the menu and recommending dishes to suit our palate.

With its comforting, surreal feel and quality food, you’ll definitely lose track of your time at Mitra.

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