Grand Re-opening of Orchid Beauty at Sharjah Ladies Club

May 1st, 2018

Sharjah’s luxury beauty salon Orchid Beauty Boutique (OBB) opens with a fresh new look at Sharjah Ladies Club (SLC)!

The grand opening of OBB in attendance of Khawla Al Serkal, Director General of SLC, was an open day for members of the media to experience the new luxurious look of the salon along with some pampering at OBB with their range of new products and services.

The salon is spacious with dedicated spaces for hair, nails, waxing, make-up and even a mini café serving freshly brewed coffee and sweets. From hair and make-up to personal grooming services, styling, beauty and wellness products, the salon offers a wide range of services in luxe interiors with a larger space adding to the comfort of the clients. Women can now enjoy access to some of the high-end beauty brands’ in a revamped setting.

Enjoy a range of beauty treatments with peace in a comfortable private space by booking yourself the VIP Room at OBB.

The salon has specially trained staff who serve the visitors with their choice of hair, makeup or grooming services and also provide personalized beauty and wellness consultations, introducing them to the complete range of the latest beauty, hair care, nail and skin products that have been added to their portfolio.

Discover the Oribe Gold Lust Treatment at Orchid Beauty Boutique. Oribe is a salon-exclusive hair care brand infused with the goodness of time-honored oils and extracts. Oribe is the source of youth for soft, shiny, ageless hair. Its signature scent will surely linger on all day at each swish of your hair. The Oribe Gold Lust Treatment is a unique hair spa experience to add extra luster to the hair and control frizz.

The treatment begins with a hair analysis by filling up a consultation form after which your hair needs are assessed by the expert and a treatment is suggested. Lie down and relax while the hair specialist works the Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo into your wet hair and spends some time working in the shampoo onto your scalp for a deep cleanse. After washing and application of conditioner, the Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque is applied to the hair and this is when the pampering actually begins with a good massage to deep seal the masque into your hair. A few drops of Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil are massaged later, followed by a rinse. Then you are moved to the blow dry chair where after coating the hair with Oribe Balm d’Or Heat Styling Shield, a quick blow dry is given leaving your hair looking chic and party-ready! Trying it once will make this luxurious mask treatment one of your favourite things to do when at OBB.

Features of Oribe Gold Lust Shampoo and Conditioner (For hair damaged by time, styling or processing):

  • Reverses damage
  • Boosts scalp circulation
  • Smoothes each cuticle for ultra-soft hair
  • Free of Sulfate, parabens
  • Safe for colored hair and Keratin treated hair
  • Offers UV protection and is vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free

Features of Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque (For anti-aging repair):

  • Youth-restoring treatment
  • Strengthens damaged hair
  • Restores elasticity

Book an appointment at Orchid Beauty Boutique by calling 065067878.

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