Get that Boho Vibe into your home

May 6th, 2018

We attended the Home and Soul Interior Styling Workshop on Bohemian Living by Grey Concept to learn how to infuse a boho vibe into the living room while mastering the art of styling coffee tables, consoles and throw pillows…

If you are wondering what Bohemian style is, it is all about a freedom in décor choices and can be associated with eclectic style but is more than that. The word “Bohemian” comes from the French word for “gypsy,” and it applies to those who live unconventional lives. The traditional gypsy style was all about diverse style, unconventional display, colourful collections and more. The modern style is more about muted palettes, natural colours and fabrics and a feel of zen with the eclectic.

Colour Palette

Start with neutral tones, allowing for pops of colour, texture, patterns, fabrics without losing the originality of your home. This will help you create colourful niches or centre pieces making them stand out.

Use accessories

Be expressive and work accessories the way you love it. Liven it up and use homely natural materials, warm metals; like brass, copper etc for that earthy feel. Go with the shape, add a dash of greenery. Draw attention with a beautiful object. Use books, art, candles etc for that personal touch. Invest in planters to bring natural accents into your home.

Get Creative

Pick and choose patterns— do not limit yourself, but do not overdo it too! Incorporate arabesque lines or geometric shapes on lamps, mirrors, tables, and other furnishings. Break up standard shape dimensions, add layers or lengths and layer the bottom shelf in coffee tables to give that dimension. Go with the main shape of the table and build around it.

Wicker Picks

Use a couple of wicker baskets for that quirky look. Useful for storage, it makes for that perfect laid-back look.

Layer up

Add an eclectic selection of objects and accessories. Layer throws and cushions over your furniture, and casually display your personal collections and art.

For that Boho feel on the couch, use pillows to brighten up the room. Artistic prints bring in a dreamy feel. In case the mixing of patterns gets too chaotic for your comfort, go with a colour scheme or a lead pattern.

JUXTAPOSE! This is the key word. For the console tables, use an artwork or a mirror as the show piece. Divide the table into 3 sections and mix and match. The name of the game here is to trust—and hone—your own instinct and eyes.


The Bali Collection from Home and Soul

Bali is the perfect destination for fans of bohemian art and design, many travel far-and-wide to the popular place in Indonesia to get their hands on the unique and hand-crated pieces. Home and Soul have scoured the island’s furniture scene for you, offering you the best sustainable, unique and custom-made pieces here in Dubai making it easier for you to add a touch of ethnic flair to your home.

The beautiful hand-made products are made from a combination of natural materials such as rattan, cotton, coconuts, wood and bamboo, that are all sourced from all over the island. Offering an array of beautiful furniture from vintage-looking chandeliers, contemporary dining chairs and gorgeous woven home accessories and textures, all to ensure to update and brighten your home.

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