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May 1st, 2018

When Jenny Frankel, a Chemical Engineer and mother of two young daughters realized that there were not enough cosmetics brands in the market that catered to the demands of her two teenage daughters who preferred a natural, effortless look, she attempted to fill the void by creating her own makeup collection, tailor-made for the modern woman on-the-go.

Jenny Frankel

NUDESTIX Matte Magnetic Army ST
AED 110

Boasting an extensive lineup of touch-and-go, Crayon lip pencils, eyeshadows, and multi-tasking sticks, NUDESTIX has become one of the most popular makeup brands among the millennials. TeleLIFE talks to Jenny Frankel who was in Dubai to launch her range at Sephora.

How did a Chemical Engineer get into the beauty industry?

In my final year of Uni studying Chemical engineering, I interned at a cosmetic manufacturer and realized how passionate I was for the industry and never left. Within 6 months of graduation I was working as a beauty engineer at MAC cosmetics responsible for process engineering as well as product development.

MAC, CoverFX, what did your jobs teach you or how did they inspire you to be an entrepreneur?

When I co-created Cover FX formulas in 2000, it was to fulfill a need for dermatology patients with a variety of skin conditions that needed full coverage foundation that looked like skin and was available in a global shade palette and ideally for sensitive skin. What I realized very quickly was that this ‘white space’ in the beauty industry for everyday skin types and thus Cover FX evolved as a leading complexion brand. This experience was my first success as a beauty entrepreneur, where I learned how to launch a beauty brand from an idea, how to market an idea, tell a brand story, importance of innovation, how to launch in a beauty retailer as well as how to best overcome all the challenges along the way. This experience lead to my evolving from a beauty engineer to a beauty entrepreneur, and provided me with the knowledge required to launch Nudestix.



What is the USP of Nudestix?

Nudestix was inspired by my daughters, Ally & Taylor, who wanted their beauty products to be luxurious but also easy, effortless, fun, portable in nude tones to create natural looking makeup. So Nudestix is a range of multitasking ‘stix’ for the face, eyes and lips that are so easy to apply in shades of nude for all skin tones. We believe the modern day women is busy - whether she is 18, 35 or 50 - the only thing she doesn’t have is time so Nudestix multitasking pencils saves her time - all you need to do is draw and smudge. So no more clumsy compacts, multiple steps, crazy colours and instead simple Nudestix makeup crayons in natural looking shades. Finally, Nudestix made makeup easy and fun.

What were the challenges you faced?

There are always so many challenges :) Product innovation was our first challenge...how to engineer formulas typically found in compacts and formulate them into a pencil format. Marketing our brand and product story is also a challenge because as a start up with have limited capital, but with social media we were able to have a platform that we could share our story and products to a global customer and speak to them directly which builds a relationship. Launching new markets is also an exciting challenge because you need to understand the global women and adapt your product assortment and education to fit her lifestyle. These are just a few...

Nudestix Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil Entice
AED 110

Can you tell us about the Nudestix range?

Nudestix has award winning luxury multitasking makeup crayons in shades of nude for the eyes, face and lips. We have over 20 shades of eyes that multitask to be eyeliner, eyeshadows, and primer all-in-one. We have over 20 lip shades in matte and creamy textures that are your lip liners, lip color, and cheek blush all in one. Then we have other products to complete your look such as Brow Stylus, Nudies All Over Face Color and Highlighters all in multitasking sticks with built-in brushes.

Beauty in a box?

All Nudestix pencils are sold in a eco-friendly box-tin that is reusable and recyclable. This was the brainchild of my daughter Ally that found the beauty industry created so much packaging waste - she wanted a waste free package. This cool urban black tin box is designed to be smaller than a smartphone, so its very portable and even has a built in mirror and a sharpener so the women can touch up on-the-go. It’s really smart packaging.

Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil Whisper
AED 110.

How is it changing the beauty industry? Or is it?

Nudestix is changing the beauty industry because we are telling women that you don’t have to wear a full face of makeup everyday to be beautiful and to celebrate their unique and natural beauty. We are telling women we know you are busy and are looking for quick beauty solutions that fit into your lifestyle. We are telling women, that are not makeup artists, that makeup can be easy and fun to apply. And women all over the world are celebrating these messages.

What does Nudestix mean to you?

Nudestix celebrates the modern day woman and what she needs in her beauty products to look and feel like her best self. She wants nude tones in a less-is-more approach to beauty to celebrate her unique beautiful self. And she wants her makeup to be multitasking, easy, fast, effortless because she has to focus her time juggling home, family, career and studies. Nudestix is the simple but luxurious beauty solution for the modern day women, so she can be the best beautiful version of herself everyday!

NUDE STIXConcealer Deep7
AED 110

What is your personal favourite from the brand?

My personal must haves to feel beautiful every morning in 5 minutes are:

Nudestix Concealer Pencil that offers precise full coverage concealing for my under eye circles, sun-damage and blemishes. I quickly look youthful, lifted and fresh without using foundation.

Nudestix Brow Stylus is dual ended to quickly shape, color, and set my brows for a youthful perfect brow.

Pulse Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm which is a universal glossy nude that hydrates and plumps my lips with natural emollients. This lip shade works day or night with a natural look or Smokey Eye.

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