Fun, Food, Friends at Wok'N'Roll

September 12th, 2018

Whether you are craving desi Chinese, momos or some good old kathi rolls, this Asian fusion joint in Barsha is where you need to be!

No prizes for guessing that you get a lip smacking treat when you marry Indian flavours with Chinese food. If a medley of spices and yummy Asian delicacies is what entices your taste buds, you got to visit Wok N Roll, Al Barsha Dubai.

The quaint little café has a red-brick wall interiors that are inviting and as you enter the first thing that catches the eye is the book shelf full of book titles to appeal to all age groups, board games like scrabble, housie, table tennis rackets, and more things to keep you off your phone as you wait for your order. If you are going with your gang the foosball table will keep you busy for long, we promise. A jukebox next to the bookshelf plays your favourite music upon inserting some coins. For music lovers, a guitar is put on the bricked wall and the restaurant is open to hosting musical get-togethers.

Coming to food, a complimentary welcome snack of vegetable crackers arrived with a Schezwan sauce that had the right zing to it and went well with the colourful crisps.

We opted for a glass of fresh orange juice, Jaljeera (Indian tangy lemonade) and Fresh Lime Soda for drinks. All of them were fresh and perfect to cool us on a hot summery afternoon.

We sunk our forks into the tender Chicken Oriental Nuggets that were fried chicken balls tossed in an oriental BBQ sauce. We totally loved this starter!

They offer a good variety of food for vegans. We tried the Vegan Chicken Bao - a white Chinese bun stuffed with soyabean and it packed a punch by tasting as good as the chicken variant.

A platter of dim sums arrived next rekindling our love for momos and we exceptionally liked the tandoori chicken momos. All the varieties of momos – Mutton Keema Momos, prawn momos, chicken momos with a Thair red curry sauce - were good though we missed the spicy red chili sauce that is served with momos.

If you love a good kathi roll, this is the place to be!

Although they offer a variety of veg and non-veg kathi rolls, we tried the Butter Chicken Kathi Roll that came wrapped in an egg paratha and made us remember the taste of street-side kathi rolls sold in India. Chili Chicken Kathi Roll was delicious as well.

Fancy making your own meal by planning your protein, carbs and veggies? Try their wok boxes that are customized with your choice of sauce, protein, carbs and veggies. We chose a chicken wok box with broccoli, carrot and baby corn with gluten-free steamed white rice in a chilly sauce and it hit right taste buds!

WokNRoll is your place to relax with friends, chill out with your fam in the afternoons over board games or have an ideal time busting away the stress after a long day at work over sumptuous food.

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