Did somebody say ice-cream?

June 19th, 2018

Get Your Ice Cream Fix with An Indian Twist at Scoopi Café this summer!

Did you know that National Ice Cream Day falls right in the middle of summer? What more could you possibly want on a sweltering hot day than a cool scoop or two of your favorite flavour? And this summer, UAE’s well-known artisanal ice cream parlour, Scoopi are rolling out some special flavors with an Indian twist. Scoopi has flavourful scoops of sorbet and ice cream you’ll want to try If you are a fan of the Indian cuisine. The Scoop master at Scoopi has revolutionized these delicacies often consumed in the form of desserts or mouth fresheners into unique combinations of ice creams and sorbets that will leave you wanting more, long after you have had your fill!

Paan ice cream

First up is the Paan ice cream, Paan, usually served as a mouth freshener at the end of a meal is deconstructed and made into a delightful creamy ice cream preparation. Using a Madagascar vanilla-based ice cream infused with homemade Paan ingredients coming all the way from India. Paan ice cream serves as a refreshing after-dinner treat and the perfect alternative to mints. It's the most wonderful palate cleanser too.

Paan lovers will surely like this, but even those who have never had a paan in their lives will love this.

Kacha keri

Up next is the Kacha Keri, which literally translates to raw mango. Kacha Keri is a tangy, tasty yet flavorful creation of raw mangoes utilizing a Madagascar vanilla-based ice-cream base infused with fresh home-based syrup of the raw mango and black salt. I highly recommend this one. The raw mango flavor POPS deliciously in the mouth. Usually I don't care for fruity ice creams - I'd rather go for vanilla, chocolate and the likes, BUT I would certainly make an exception for this one!

Kaala khatta sorbet

Last but not the least is the Indian ice lolly variant now served up as a sorbet with all the flavors intact! The Kaala Khatta sorbet is a sweet and sour water-based sorbet created with flavors of black salt and the authentic Kaala Khatta syrup – a must have Summer Treat! Most of you will have a deja vu at the mention of Kala Khatta - the ultimate answer to your summer cravings of something salty, something sugary, something tangy and yummy, something that awakens the sleepy child in us.

The best part? All ice creams are created fresh upon your order at the café. The best part- Scoopi has 5 mini cones on offer at a nominal rate of AED 40/-!!! Cannot get better than this. Plan that weekend trip to Scoopi today!

Scoopi is located on Jumeirah beach road and is open from 1:30 m – 12:30am on weekdays and 2am on weekends.

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