Dial into Nostalgia with the Nokia 3310

September 1st, 2017

I had those cute Nokia 1100 phones way back in 2007; a grey one and a blue one and loved them! They were handy, easily manageable and could do all that I needed to do in those days. They have been replaced by the multi-tasking smart phones that make life easy for us! The new Nokia 3310 is an ode to the old-world Nokia charm, but will it hold against the ‘smarts’ that we have all got used to?


As I open the package and remove the new Nokia 3310, the appearance of the T9 keyboard brings a smile to my face. The design is cute and it feels comfortable and light in the palm of my hand compared to the big smartphones of today. As someone who has loved the original Nokia 1100, I am quite happy about the return of this cute wonder!

As I explore further, reality sets in; no 3G, no Wi-Fi, no apps and no touchscreen, ouch!!! Well, I am better off without all these and need to go for that much needed digital detox, I tell myself and decide to give it a go! It was like meeting an old friend and discovering him/her all over again!

Starting off on a positive note, it is a cute phone. It’s thinner, with a larger screen, and the curved buttons underneath the display provide the necessary whiff of nostalgia. You get basic calling, texting, a clock, very limited web browsing and a new version of the classic Snake game that aims to maximise the device’s 2.4-inch 240×320 colour screen. There are also some simple apps such a stopwatch/timer and weather report, surprisingly a voice recorder and a radio. On the bottom of the handset is a 3.5mm headphone jack. The Nokia 3310 comes with 16MB of built-in storage, but only 1.4MB of this is user accessible – so you are certainly going to need the microSD card slot letting you add up to 32GB of extra storage. The battery performance is the killer feature here, and is good for a theoretical 22.1 hours of talk time and 31 days of standby. Whoa!!!

I realize that using the T9 keyboard quickly becomes a headache, as I had to get reused to those oddities and shortcuts used years ago! It also has a much improved 2MP camera – but the images nothing to write home about – possibly good enough for text messages but never for actual display. You can also record video if required.

This isn't the phone for you if you are an avid social media user; it is the phone you use when on a quiet holiday to get away from it all! It is a phone you can give your parents or grandparents who just need to speak to you. This phone cannot function as your go-to phone if you are a social person and need to check Whatsapp and FB posts daily. Buy it as a spare for your holidays or as a handset to give to your kids -- perhaps one day they'll look back on it just as fondly as I do with the original.

It is an attractive design with the right legacy and dials into the right sentimental buttons to inspire affection.

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