Bro Qode with UNICEF

October 2nd, 2017

Occasion: The Qode celebrates its 7th anniversary in a special way by teaming up with UNICEF and raising
AED 141,000
in funds, through a silent auction and cash donations, to help support children in emergencies across the Middle East.

Place: The St. Regis, Al Habtoor City

Areej Anderson and Danielle Blaker

Ayman Fakoussa, Rania Kfoury, Dipesh Depala and Shimaa Elsayed

Ayman Fakoussa, Sandra Sorial and Dipesh Depala

Bashar Al Shroogi, Ayman Fakoussa, Shihab Shobokshi and Alessandro Lamira

Clarita Atallah and Dipesh Depala

Claudia Baliyan, Jo Dogmoch and Angela Cid

Josephine Mikelian, Alberto Bustani, Dipesh Depala, Moe Abed and Alpana Depala

Julian, Loren, Marc, Alexandra, Anna, Etienne, Alexandra, Stewart


Maria Saleh, Sandra Sorial, Jordana Afelio, Monana Ibilini


Soraya Spahi, Farah Zoghbi, Farah El Alfy, Gopika Madan, Moushmi Bhatia, Shaheena Usman, Rim Idriss

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