Authentic taste of Lebanon at Villa Beirut

June 11th, 2018

Enter the suburbs of a vibrant and happy place in Beirut on the glittery Umm Suqeim Road in Jumeirah, Dubai with Vila Beirut and take a flavourful journey that is full of colour…

Once you enter this gorgeous villa, your mood is instantly lifted as you are surrounded by vibrant sunshine yellow walls, gorgeously untamed concrete floor with a pop of colourful tiles, blue windows and beautiful floral ceramic cutlery on the tables.

If you are going in on a Friday you need to be a little patient with your order and the food finally arriving at your table as the place is quiet busy, especially the first floor of the villa is full of shisha lovers.

The drinks menu is a relief from the usual sodas and has a great blend of fresh juices, though we felt a lack of enticing options like milkshakes for children. We ordered a Mango & Passion Fruit with all that sweetness of the mango served chilled in a mason jar, mocha chocolate was delicious and so was the Mango Smoothie.

The restaurant promises an authentic taste of traditional home-cooked Lebanese recipes as were served in the original Villa Beirut in Lebanon some 70 years back.

A selection of cold mezze featuring classic Lebanase favourites such as hummus and moutabal arrive with a basket of freshly baked fluffy bread. The gorgeous purple dip Hummus Chmandar mixes beetroot with chickpea and tahina to add a twist to the usual hummus. Another lovely take on hummus is their Moutabal Dalia that mixes cauliflower, eggplant to give that charred taste to the hummus. The Baba Ghanoush was just the way we like. Our absolute favourite from the cold mezze was the famous Fattoush salad with delicious crunchy pita bread and fresh greens.

We tasted the Moudardra, lentils cooked with rice for the first time and the taste still lingers on.

From the hot mezze, the clear winner for us was Falafel. Delicious, crunchy and with a great filling on the inside that went perfectly with the tahina dip.

Sawda Djej is chicken liver cooked with garlic and pomegranate sauce, you need to have an acquired taste to enjoy this dish. So order it only if you like chicken liver.

For the main course a mix grilled platter was kindly replaced for us on request with a grilled chicken pieces served along with a crunchy French fries, since we do not eat beef. The chicken was tender and perfectly seasoned and cooked well.

For the dessert, we were pleasantly surprised by Ghazi – an ice cream topped with cotton candy. It was delicious ending to a great meal.

Villa Beirut is the address for you if you are craving traditional Lebanese food cooked with love.

The iftar set menu includes one drink, soup, 2 appetizers and a main course item of your choice. It is available for AED 69 and Suhour is served too.

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