October 2nd, 2018

We all experience hair loss, and most of the time it’s completely normal, however if you are experiencing a few too many stray strands in your hairbrush there may be an another explanation. But don’t believe everything you may have heard – here Anivagene hair loss expert Maria Igglezou offers five hair loss headscratchers that you can brush under the carpet...

Dubai is the cause of my hair loss

It’s widely thought that the quality of water, especially in the UAE, is a contributing factor in hair loss – this has been proven to be completely false. Harsh water can play a part in your hair becoming brittle, however this can be counteracted with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner. Whilst a change in the environment could contribute to a difference in hair quality or texture, hair loss is not linked to the quality of water.

Hair loss only happens with age

False – hair loss can occur at any age. If you notice that your hair isn’t as thick and full as it once was, it doesn’t mean that it’s due to an underlying health issue... it could just be in your genes, meaning it can happen at any age. Keep a close eye out and if it becomes increasingly noticeable consult a hair loss professional or try a hair loss range that could help slow the process and reduce hair fall.

Stress is making your hair fall out

This can be true to a certain extent. Stress can be the cause of temporary hair loss – weight gain or suffering a major health issue, for example, could cause the type of hair loss in which follicles stop growing. However this can be easily treated with topical products such as the Anivagene range which will jumpstart the hair recovery process.

Brushing too much can cause hair loss

Wrong. No matter how hard you brush your hair, the follicles will always grow back. Brushing wet hair with the wrong brush can cause hair to be pulled out – try a wide tooth comb or wet brush when brushing hair straight from the shower.

There is nothing you can do about hair loss

Wrong again. Whilst hair loss cannot always be prevented, it can be managed. Unlike most other hair loss brands in the market, Anivagene products not only have proven, long-lasting results in slowing down hair loss and reducing hair fall, but they carry on working after the treatment stops. The products contain Iridixina which increases blood circulation, enhancing growth of the hair and Panthenol which is great for hydrating, nourishing and moisturising the hair fiber.

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