‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ at Museum of Illusions, Dubai

October 15th, 2018

Take a trip to Dubai’s very own Museum of Illusions if you have curious kids or a geeky kid inside of you. It is a mind challenging, curiosity booster of an experience and a pure workout for the brain and the senses…

Does the word MUSEUM make you feel sleepy already?
Well, this one won’t!

The new ‘Museum of Illusions’ in Dubai breathes new life into the traditional concept of museum tour from merely being a silent spectator to getting up, close and personal with the installations. When at Museum of Illusions – the world’s fastest growing museum chain, you are encouraged to touch the installations, try them out, live the experience and even pose with them clicking your own photos creating moments to take along home and share on social media. Interactivity of this museum makes it worth it and is sure to pull crowds of all ages and interests to come take a look. A refreshing way to view a museum indeed!

Perplexing optical illusions challenge your mind to understand why the things visible to the eye appear the way they do.

Located in the quaint Al Seef by the iconic Dubai Creek, Museum of Illusions, the world’s fastest growing museum chain, is a family friendly attraction with full of challenging illusions. Many require your focus and even sometimes taking a photo to really understand that it is rather an illusion of the eye. Keep your phones handy as you are in for a lot of cool photos and even videos for your Instagram at the brand new Museum of Illusions.

These are some of exhibits we loved:

Head on a Platter
Imagine your head on a platter. It’s exactly that! Now the question is would you rather pose as an inviting dish by smiling or make scary faces to shock everyone?

Vortex Tunnel
You are likely to go back to this more than a few times because this is the best illusion of all! Get dizzy as you walk inside a glow in the dark tunnel that tricks the brain that it is moving and you feel the ground below your feet slip. It is actually a stationary wooden bridge with a rotating cylinder around it and that’s where the trick lies! You will return to the Vortex Tunnel more than once if you love to feel the ground under your feet shifting.

The Clone
Come sit and play a game of cards with YOURSELF! Yes. Sit at the table beneath a chandelier with five clones of yourself, of course the mirrors creating an illusion here.

Chair Illusion
It’s all about the perspective. You will agree with that statement once you try out the Chair Illusion, which explores perception and size when looked at from a specific angle.

Hollow Faces
The Albert Einstein faces in the frames turn their gaze as you move. Think spooky!
As you move in a little closer to touch, you realize the faces are hollow! The collage of indented Albert Einstein heads in frames, called Hollow Faces will leave you feeling uneasy for a while.

Apart from such exhibits, there are full-sized illusion rooms, including The Infinity Room, The Tilted Room, The Rotated Room and The Colour Room and you’ll see people huddled around tables in various places engaged in intriguing wooden puzzles.

An average tour around the museum takes around an hour and a half, if you are planning to visit on public holiday, we suggest you to go there early to avoid the crowds.

Visit Museum of Illusions Dubai for such illusions that challenge, amuse and trick your eyes and brain in completely different ways!
Timings: Sunday-Wednesday, 10am-10pm; Thursday-Saturday, 10am-12am
Price: AED 80 for adults, AED 60 children (five to 15), AED 225 families (two adults, two children).

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